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Feb 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
on "downton abbey," which concludes its third season later tonight on pbs. she has won two oscars, three emmys, and a tony award, all wrapped around a long and illustrious career on the british stage. at age 78, she is at the peak of her fame, much in demand, and quite bankable. last spring's "the best exotic marigold hotel" was a surprise hit, and there is a new film out, "quartet," directed by dustin hoffman. she doesn't have much time or interest in giving interviews, which she's compared to testifying in court. they're a rarity. we were fortunate enough to get one. you seem to have no interest in celebrity and fame. >> maggie smith: absolutely none. i mean, why would i? >> kroft: do you accept the fact that you're a star? >> smith: if you say so. yes. i do... i don't feel any different to the way i felt before, and i'm not quite sure what it means. i am familiar to people now, which is what i was not before. that is entirely due to the television set. >> kroft: she's talking about "downton abbey," the highbrow british soap opera that follows the intrigues of an aristocratic family and thei
Feb 18, 2013 3:00am PST
old. >>> we're learning more about the troubled background of adam lanza. a new investigation by pbs finds that lanza was diagnosed with a sensory disorder, was very shy and liked being touched only by his mother. as for the exposure to guns, friends say lanza's mother nancy loved shooting because it helped her bond with her son. >> extraordinary reporting. this is kind of one of the summary graphs of the story, what emerges in this exploration of a still unfolding story is a portrait of a mother apparently devoted but perhaps misguided, struggling is to find her son a place in society. and a boy exceptionally smart in some areas, profoundly deficient in others, who never found a place in the world. >> it's just so sad because of the outcome of this. you think when you look at what happened in their life, you think if she had just made a different decision somewhere along the way, this could have been avoided. and everybody points to the guns, and that being the wrong decision that she made. but perhaps it's not the guns. maybe it's the type of help she got for her son and it wasn't
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)